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It is with pleasure that we would like to present you with the Switch on your Brain®-5 Step™ Learning Process for learners.
We take great pleasure in presenting the Switch on Your Brain®-5 step™ Learning Process to help the learners achieve the challenges in
learning and to ensure that learners are successful with all their studies.
The Switch on Your Brain®-5 step™ Learning Process is comprised of five extremely important steps. Each step is designed to take
advantage of a particular brain process – all collectively moving toward the goal of learning.
Each of the five steps plays a vital role in the building of memory which is all the learning process ultimately is. Research shows that true
mastery of new information and skills is based on strengthening the connections between the nerve cells in the brain as well as ensuring
that the branches (or dendrites) that actually store the information are firmly attached. The “easy-come, easy-go” neuronal connections
that come from traditional study methods, rote learning and cramming for exams are quickly reversed, which put simply, means they are
forgotten. Maintaining improvement and creating memory banks of knowledge that can be used wisely require the slow, steady work
that forms new, strong connections.
The Switch on Your Brain®-5 step™ Learning Process does exactly that. Each step is meticulously designed to stimulate the correct
chemical and electrical flow through the brain in the most efficient way possible to guarantee great memories and therefore great
Captured within the Switch on Your Brain®-5 step™ system is the same “thinking-to-understanding” mental process which will forever
change the way the learners learn and will stretch their potential to untold horizons. This approach is solidly based on the latest scientific
research on the neurological and neurophysiological functioning of the brain. It draws on the neuroplastic (ability to change) character
of the brain and is designed to take best advantage of the symphony of electrochemical reactions and actions occurring in the brain at a
rate of 400 billion per second.
One of the most exciting facts about the “plastic” brain is that the brain is never quite the same with every new piece of information we
learn. This means that the brain can keep getting better and better with the mental practise provided by the Switch On Your Brain®-5
step™ Learning Process.



  • The MMA® Switch On Your Brain training covers the following aspects:
  • To teach learners how to use the brain correctly, and in doing so, stimulate the conversion of knowledge to wisdom, which will then give learners breakthrough in learning.
  • Empowering learners to effectively manage information.
  • It is at the cutting edge of brain and learning research based on Dr. Leaf’s new information processing theory of intelligence: The Geodesic Information Processing Theory ®.
  • The system teaches learners to effectively utilize their brain’s natural capacity for learning, thus allowing speedier and thorough
  • information by using both sides of the brain.
  • Enabling more effective processing of information by ensuring that learners can understand and apply knowledge.
  • Facilitating in transferring of information optimally to diverse learners.
  • Introducing the MMA® -5 step™ learning process.
  • 7 – Intelligence profile.


Application Options:

  • The course modules are as follows:
  • How the brain works according to the latest research and in relation to learning.
  • The concept of the 7 Intelligences and types of thinking in learning.
  • To teach learners how to take responsibility for their own learning and raise their marks potentially between 35% and 75% per
  • How to use the 5 step Metacognitive – Mapping Approach®: read/ think/ metacog/ recheck/ reteach.
  • Understand how to apply the MMA® in the learning environment.



  • Understand the latest research on the brain and that it has been proven scientifically that thinking and learning can turn our genes
  • on or off, shaping our brain anatomy and behaviour by mobilizing a positive outlook in life.
  • Understand the 5 steps of the MMA® i.e. input/ think/ write/ recheck/ output to develop the brain’s phenomenal capacity and ability
  • to exercise those neuronal connections and to get the nerve cells building and communicating fast and effectively.
  • Practically apply the 5 steps of the MMA® for successful learning.
  • To transfer the MMA® process as a learning system is vitally important to successful learning in a brain compatible way.



Six hour training:

Price to be discussed. Family package available at a special price of R 3500. It includes the mother, farter and two children from the same

family older than Grade 4.



Training will take place at 278 Voortrekker Road, Krugersdorp.



  • As reference we make mention that we are a service provider to the Gauteng and Eastern Cape Departments of Education providing
  • many training workshops for teachers, pupils and management.
  • We have also trained all the teachers in Christian Harvest School in Glenvista.
  • We have trained 150 teachers in Kwa-Zulu Natal with excellent feedback from educators that have a 100% pass rate of their learners
  • after implementing the tools and skills that they have learnt.
  • In Mpumalanga 62 leadership educational officials went through the training with great success and feedback. Many learners went
  • through the course with excellent results.
  • Professors, doctors and lecturers of Vaal University. We have also trained management and staff of various private and public
  • corporations including FNB, Avroy Shlain, AECI, Gauteng Premier’s Office and have presented seminars to Discovery Health, Rhema
  • Bible Church, International Woman’s conferences (Zimbabwe), and the Western Cape Educational Conference.
  • We are also a service provider to Engen and the Citizen Newspaper and officials of Bosasa